Top Four Industries New Technologies Are Disrupting The Most

New technologies have helped organizations to improve their processes and products. By implementing new working methods, they have been able to remain competitive and reshape the market. However, they are causing a massive job disruption across the globe.

Several employees around the globe have lost their jobs because of automation. And the use of websites is reducing the need for traditional sales workers. But, new vacancies have been created as more companies need skilled candidates that can help them move forward.

So, if you’re looking to keep your job and remain competitive, you should learn new skills. To have an idea of how new technologies are affecting incumbent industries, here’s a list of the top five industries they are disrupting the most.

Retail Industry

Emerging technologies had a huge impact on the retail industry. During the coronavirus pandemic, more customers started to use digital platforms to satisfy their needs. As they couldn’t go out to shop, they started to make their purchases online.

To provide more personalized experiences, many companies like Walmart and Amazon have implemented machine learning algorithms on their websites. As a result, customers can receive product recommendations based on previously searched items. As customers can find what they need more quickly, shipping online is no longer frustrating.

On the other hand, IoT is playing an important role in the retail industry. As smartphones are becoming indispensable, more companies have developed mobile apps to allow customers to shop online.

An excellent example would be eBay’s mobile app. Through its mobile app, eBay allows customers to not only buy products but to sell them. They can also track shipments and give feedback to sellers. Mobile apps are helping companies to innovate the shopping experience users receive.

Furthermore, the use of augmented reality has helped companies to attract even more customers. By allowing customers to have 3D previews of items, they can increase customers’ trust and reduce item returns. Organizations like IKEA and Home Depot have implemented augmented reality features on their mobile apps.

Learning programming skills is a good option to stay relevant and increase your job opportunities. Nowadays, according to Glassdoor, a programmer salary is, on average, $80,000 per year.

There’re many options for learning how to code. But, having a degree or a diploma is vital to get a new job. For that reason, enrolling in a coding school is the right decision to make if you want to become a skilled coder.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, 3D printing and virtual reality are taking big strides. During the construction design process, most customers have an idea of what they want. However, If they can’t see it in real life, they don’t truly know if those ideas meet their expectations.

Virtual reality is allowing construction customers to have a preview of what they have in mind. By merging BIM models and VR technologies, companies can even allow clients to have a more interactive and immersive representation of construction projects.

A few years ago, building a house within 24 hours was unthinkable, but today it’s possible thanks to 3D printing. WinSun is a company that has started to build 3D printed houses in China. With the use of 3D printing machines, the company can build a house in a time record and reduce costs as the company needs fewer workers to complete a project.

3D printing is allowing clients to change their mindset from renting to owning. As 3D printed houses are more affordable for customers, they no longer need to spend a lifetime paying bills.

Emerging technologies have indeed transformed the construction industry. But, as days pass, more workers are losing their jobs in the construction sector.

Manufacturing Industry

With the use of machine learning, companies in the manufacturing industry are changing how they operate. Today, AI-powered robots play a crucial role in manufacturing processes. As they can increase companies’ productivity and quality, they have been displacing manufacturing operators.

Also, the use of 3D printing has become popular in the manufacturing industry. As it allows companies to reduce costs on materials, it has become indispensable to increase companies’ profits. In 2020, most companies in the manufacturing sector are willing to implement new technologies to remain competitive. Nonetheless, as they are promoting a human-robot working environment, they are in a hunt for skilled candidates.

Learning Python will help you to meet the requirements of today’s employers. As it’s the right tool to create machine learning solutions, you’ll be ready to land a new position in the manufacturing industry. Thinkful’s online coding bootcamp provides aspirants several options to learn Python skills.

No matter if you’re a busy person or have a lot of free time, Thinkful’s courses are designed to meet your requirements as they are available full-time and part-time.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is one of the most affected by new technologies. AI-powered robots and systems are helping doctors to save more lives. For example, with the use of machine learning solutions, doctors can save time and provide more accurate diagnoses. During the pre-visit process, many organizations allow patients to fill a form using an app or a smart system. As the program can analyze patients’ symptoms, patients receive the right treatment.

As IoT is playing a significant role in healthcare, more companies are interested in developing devices like smartwatches. Smartwatches can track patients’ health by monitoring their heart rate, blood pressure, and even oxygen levels. As this information can be stored in a database, it can help doctors detect health issues on time.


New technologies are constantly evolving as well as changing the world’s future. As they are helping to improve their products and services, they are becoming indispensable. They have indeed caused a massive job disruption. But, as long as you learn new tech skills and stay updated, you’ll be able to remain competitive.


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