Activity on social media is relevant to the success of any business, no matter your niche. The first thing your prospective customer will look into after learning about the existence of your brand is your online activity. It’s important to understand why that is, people have learned how to be careful and cautious and this is why they will look for references that don’t come from your company’s marketing team, they will want to know about the experience your previous customers had with your brand.

The easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to do so is via social media. Now that it’s obvious why it’s vital for the future of your business to be active online, let’s go through different ways to be present on social platforms without dedicating a whole team to it.

Quality Not Quantity

There’s a very important distinction between being active and spamming; you don’t want your potential clients to get overwhelmed by encountering your brand name everywhere they look. This is why you need to focus on quality.  This enables you to naturally engage your social network followers. Although quantity is important when it comes to this subject, you should aim to get more likes, shares, etc.

Therefore, make sure each post has special purpose.  

Social Media Platform Options at Your Disposal

Most people possess common knowledge about social platforms, and chances are that you have more than one profile. However, you need to adopt a different mindset when you want to start using social media for business. You must learn about every tool at your disposal if you want to use your social media profile to its full potential. What often happens, and can be highly repulsive to potential customers and followers, is that business pages look like they were done by amateurs and negate the level of professionalism you’re trying to portray.  Instead of being perceived as a trustworthy brand, you will look like a company that’s not up-to-date with technology in general.

Make a Social Media Plan

In order to be productive, you need to know how you will spend every second on social media and that is why you need a detailed plan. The content you share online shouldn’t only be about your business. If you want your followers to develop a natural interest for your post, you will need to introduce fresh content.

Make Your Posts Interactive

In order to be as effective as possible with your social media activity, you need to pay special attention to each of your posts. In order to popularize your pages and make everything you post a success, you need to have interactivity in mind.

So, your content shouldn’t only involve sharing articles from your blog. Some examples are: questions, surveys, contest, coupons etc.

Follow and Support Influencers in your Mediums

You should keep a close eye on the important names in your social media niche. Whether it’s an accomplished business person who brought their business model to perfection or a young influencer who has a YouTube channel, you need to know them. It’s not just about who follows your business, but who you follow. Supporting people who matter in your line of work and business will show your audience that you’re following the right example.

Ensure you Posts with Industry Trends

When it comes to Facebook, you should invest in videos. This trend is on the rise and it will only continue to grow. YouTube Channel should also be part of your video strategy. When it comes to Twitter, you should keep yourself updated with the most popular hashtags, which are usually connected with the most recent news. Aesthetics is what matters on Instagram; if you want to build a popular profile on this platform, then you should make sure your photography is high quality.  Although this sounds like a lot to take in at once, you should understand that’s it’s a lot simpler for you to adopt new trends when you’re constantly present on social media. Building your posts in accordance with popular currents will enable you to gain more shares, viewers, likes, hearts, etc. in a shorter time frame.

Invest in Your Content

It’s one thing to schedule and release posts, but it’s a completely different thing to create them. For some people, this comes naturally – they are simply capable of reaching out to their followers. However, if this doesn’t seem like something you’re capable of doing personally, then you should definitely hire people who are. Someone with experience in the matter will require much less time to form a post that’s contextual and trendy. Besides investing in your content you should also go through advertising methods available on social platforms. You should strive towards driving engagement naturally by sharing relevant information, but you do need a little boost to get started.  Learning about different marketing options should be a priority. Facebook and Instagram offer practically the same options and the process necessary for you to build an ad is quite similar – Instagram belongs to Facebook. What matters most regarding advertising on these two platforms is demographics – so make sure you select your pics based on the characteristics of your target audience. LinkedIn is a bit different, although not as complicated as most people consider it to be. What a lot of users find confusing in the process of publishing an ad on LinkedIn is that your accounts need to be properly linked.

When it comes to the Twitter team, they offer a set of options that can help you popularize your account by spreading the circle of your followers or boosting your posts.

To Summarize

Before all of these activities become a matter of routine, you should keep a checklist of your own just to make sure that you don’t forget about any relevant piece of information. In time, every item on this checklist will come naturally to you.

By creating a routine based on everything we mentioned, you’ll be able to reach an enviable level of efficiency, for which you don’t need an army of employees. Like with your content, your team needs to be diverse, not numerous, so make sure that you come from different backgrounds and that each one of you can make a contribution.