How Tech Salaries Are Changing Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

How Tech Salaries Are Changing Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Remote work has caused strange and unprecedented changes within the workforce. Tech-based jobs are now on the rise due to the pandemic and remote work in particular. Some traditional jobs have not been able to adapt to the changes brought about by remote work and many have been lost in favor of tech-based jobs that can be performed remotely.

Surely, this will have an impact on tech salaries. The question remains, though, will salaries be increasing or decreasing? For the most part, all signs seem to indicate that remote work is going to change tech salaries for the better. Studies seem to show that remote workers may actually be more productive than in-office employees. If this is the case, we can expect to see salary changes that match this trend.

Oversaturated Markets Will Affect Salaries

Let’s start with one of the only factors that could cause tech salaries to decrease over the course of the pandemic. If too many people start to see the value of learning skills needed to launch a tech career, then the market may become saturated. For example, there are already over 8 million coders who specialize in Python.

Avoiding this oversaturated area and earning a higher tech salary is all about identifying the skills and careers that have less competition. To that end, JavaScript is a popular coding language that has fewer followers and could prove to be valuable in the future of work. Due to the demand, the salary for JavaScript coders may begin to rise exponentially.

After all, the number of websites around the world is only going to increase, especially if remote work continues long into the future. Companies will need talented JavaScript coders to program pages in dynamic and new ways. Therefore, learning how to use JavaScript now may set you up for a lucrative salary in the future.

New Skills Bring New Value

On to one of the ways tech salaries are likely to increase amid the pandemic. Employees are currently bringing new skills to the table that hold entirely new value. The skills that employees boasted of in the past look nothing like the tech skills that are required of employees today. Having these skills will naturally allow you to bring in a higher salary.

The trick to seeing which skills will produce higher salaries is watching modern trends. Focus on what students are studying in school and which college majors seem to be the most popular in the tech field. Full-stack development is seeing excellent growth and already offers a handsome salary, but this salary is set to increase during the pandemic.

Full-stack developers are responsible for building both the front and back end of a website, which means they are involved in the process from start to finish. In the digital age, there is no employee more valuable. Preparing for a career like this one will equip you with skills that are unique enough to warrant a higher salary.

Increased Remote Work Training

Undoubtedly, as more and more companies decide to continue remote work permanently, they will also offer more training on how to excel in working from home. The employees who receive this training will become the best remote workers and a model for other tech employees. This will result in higher salaries for those who perform best while working outside the office.

To that end, attending a trade school now may give you the skills to forgo that remote work training and show companies that you already know how to work remotely. Take the time to differentiate yourself now so that you can launch a highly-paid career in a field that merges with remote work, such as computer science.


The future of work is as uncertain as ever, but it seems clear that tech-based jobs are going to come out strong on the other side of this pandemic. With this in mind, acquiring the skills to enter a tech-related career may be in your best interest. Tech jobs have always paid quite well and may even start to pay better during the coronavirus pandemic. Develop the skills needed to launch a tech career so that you can earn a competitive salary.


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