6 Benefits of Micro-Agencies You Never Thought About

6 Benefits Of Micro-Agencies You Never Thought About

Why you should hire Micro-Agencies in 2022

If you want to expand your audience reach and introduce products to new customers, advertising is the fastest way to cast your net. It is also one of the best ways to support your sales team and educate consumers. However, many businesses still make the costly mistake of going with a large advertising agency instead of finding a micro-agency that offers personalized attention and custom strategies.

A micro-agency is a small, independent agency with 1 to 25 employees that handles strategy, online marketing, design, web development, data and analytics, reporting, and many other facets of advertising.

While you may think micro-agencies don’t have the bandwidth to handle big business clients, that’s actually a common misconception. Big agencies tend to bundle services and cut corners, offering repurposed strategies and the least amount of attention.

Micro-agencies build their reputations on the quality of their campaigns and creativity for specific clients, and since smaller agencies focus harder on their client’s goals and needs, they are instantly held accountable due to these close relationships.

6 Benefits of Micro-Agencies You Never Thought About

When you are looking for a team to handle your online marketing needs, micro-agencies simply offer more talent and focus than a bigger agency.

So many clients have told us that their SEO strategies have taken months and years to see results due to big agency bureaucracy. That should never be the case!

Quick Benefits Working with Micro-Agencies

  • More time and attention to your business’ marketing goals from the very beginning
  • Customized online marketing strategies that incorporate social media, lead generation, SEO, PPC, online reputation management, branding, design, and more
  • Higher organic traffic to more conversions, qualified lead generation, and mobile-ready product pages
  • Advertise on all networks with fast results
  • Greater accountability with data, analysis, and reporting

Highly customizable solutions are easily achieved with a dedicated team that acts as an extension of your company. Here are a few other things to consider before picking your next agency.

1. More Committed to Clients

When micro-agencies partner with a new client, they go above and beyond to service all their needs. In comparison, big agencies treat small to medium businesses as options, instead of the main course.

Micro-agencies are more passionate about making clients’ dreams come true, and they put all their focus on clients’ success. You probably have never experienced that level of dedication and attention from larger agencies with hundreds of accounts who are mentioned 1 or 2 times in huge meetings with other bottom line discussions.

Most micro-agencies only have between 2 and 3 clients that they consistently work with to produce incredible results. Your bottom line matters to their own.

2. Full-Service with Less Bureaucracy

There are multiple layers of management and development within a large agency. A simple website update could take 2 to 3 weeks moving through the wheels of a big corporate agency. However, it’s more important to a micro-agency that their clients are happy and that their strategies or solutions are working properly.

As clients, you may have to wait for weeks to hold a meeting about a project you want answers on today. However, micro-agencies provide you with a dedicated team, just waiting to serve your needs or supply customized reports on progress. You will see an improvement in communication, faster project management, and quicker deliverables.

3. More Personalized Social Media Strategies

Many businesses are afraid of putting their brand’s image in the hands of others. With bigger agencies, you may receive a corporate strategy that has been regurgitated from other clients and processes within the agency. It is not specialized to your brand besides some new graphic design elements.

One thing businesses get wrong about social discovery and strategy is that it happens all on the agency side and then it is delivered in a meeting weeks away for you to review. Social discovery should include the client’s customer service, sales, and marketing teams so that everyone is on the same page.

However, this level of attention rarely goes into social marketing strategies, leading to problems in brand image and voice–unless you go with an agency where your business is their entire focus. Suddenly, you have a social team dedicated to your business. This is the way that every agency should work with clients and their points of contact.

4. Faster Deliverables

Have you ever contacted an agency and gotten an insane deliverable timeline? It is not uncommon for bigger agencies to add weeks on to a deadline due to bureaucracy and old approaches to project management. From multiple chains of communication to project approval processes, bigger agencies just have more red tape.

Micro-agencies work hard for your business and know that fast deliverables are beloved by all clients. However, it is not just the fastidiousness and better communication, as your deliverable still must be completed to a standard beyond expectation.

Micro-agencies are more agile and eager to deliver marketing concepts that will be a huge success. Time goes into discovery, planning, and projection estimates to ensure that the result is not a waste of time or budget. This type of approach means that every project has already been studied and tested, leading to better results.

5. More Reasonable Costs

Of course, big agencies charge higher prices for everything. They have more payroll, overhead, resources, and higher building costs. What is the added value of a big agency with higher cost vs a micro-agency with lower cost? You don’t get more focus, unless you pay more money to a big agency.

In addition, you don’t really know who’s working on your project or whether they’re even experts in certain strategies or development. It is the exact opposite experience with micro-agencies, who will introduce you to your team of strategists, social media managers, designers, and developers.

Micro-agencies are simply more transparent and upfront about their pricing, but it is also about meeting the talent who will be working on your projects. You feel more confident knowing that this team is representing your business and not charging you for their high-priced rent and executive offices.

6. Customized Digital Solutions

Finally, big agencies always tout their huge teams of strategists and developers. However, in many cases, these agencies cut costs by working with low-level developers outsourced in other countries. You may never meet the developers and strategists working on your project.

Small agencies have a core team for every client, attuned to the needs of the project. Team players have been working together for years, and all this talent and skill is pinpointed on your project’s success.

You have a higher chance of receiving a dedicated team with a micro-agency. Over time, this team feels like an extension of your company itself, especially if you find an agency willing to partner with you on projects. It is much easier to hire a small agency to service your business when you are the top priority.


Download your copy of a detailed infographics below.

6 Benefits of Micro-Agencies You Never Thought About


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